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Live Project Training in PHP
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PHP, The beauty of PHP remains in its easiness. It is easy to understand and study, especially for those with education is in programming such as C, C++, Java and HTML. Using PHP, web based application work with the interface of APACHE/MYSQL including HTML, JAVASCRIPTING and CSS. With combination of server side and client side scripting you can create highly formatted PHP Pages which is can be used by end user (Technical/ Non –Technical User). If non technical user can develop project in PHP, so it's not difficult to MCA students to develop live project in PHP.
Course Contents

Desire Infotech company specialize in software and web application development services such as software development, content distribution & management systems development, e-commerce software programming, web portals and websites development, mobile application development plus many others.We started the give training to candidates just because they can make a bright future to take training with us because we provide him industrial training with industrial culture

  • Introduce to PHP
  • HTML Basic
  • Idea About CSS
  • Working with JavaScript
  • JavaScript Validation
  • PHP Fundamentals
  • PHP Arrays
  • PHP Operators
  • Working with PHP Forms
  • PHP Cookies & PHP Session
  • Strings Handling into the PHP
  • Basic Mysql Concept
  • Advanced Mysql Concept
  • Mysql Joins and SQL Function
  • HTTP Handling –Ajax
  • Web programming